Travelon Portable UV Sanitizer Box

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The Travelon Portable UV Sanitizer Box provides 360° sterilization technology that is safe to use on anything!

Sanitize your high-touch, high-contamination items and stop the spread of germs and viruses. Everyone has multiple daily-use items that receive contamination exposure and with a portable design, using its USB adaptor, you can plug in and sanitize from anywhere. It’s 100% safe to use, even on food.


  • 4″x 7″x 1.25″ interior cleaning space
  • A progress bar lets you know when your items are clean
  • Uses UV-C light to sanitize without chemicals
  • Essential oils can be used to add pleasant scents to your items (oils not included)
  • USB-powered so you can use it on-the-go (USB cable included)
  • Clean all of these items and more:
    • Cell phones
    • Credit cards
    • Face masks
    • Earbuds
    • Glasses
    • Personal care tools
    • Watches
    • Keys
    • Pacifiers

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