RFID Security

Modern payment cards have a built in chip that transmits the cards' information wirelessly. This is because it is necessary in order to enable contactless payments, which has become increasingly popular during recent years.Criminals can take advantage of this new technology by using a scanner that wirelessly scans the victim's payment card in the same way that a cash register scans it, when making a contactless payment. These scanners are legal and can be bought in regular electronics stores. A criminal can hide the scanner e.g. inside a glove or a bag, and then place himself close to the victim and wirelessly steal the victim's payment card information.With the wirelessly obtained payment card information, the criminal can use it to make fraudulent purchases online.This is called Card Not Present fraud.

Shielding blocks radio signals from reaching the payment card by enclosing it within a container made of material that blocks electromagnetic signals in the RFID spectrum.

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