Dear California Luggage friends and supporters:

For almost 40 years California Luggage has been serving the North Bay’s needs as a comprehensive luggage, travel and business accessories resource.  

The current viral incident has shuttered most businesses, as well as most civic enterprises,  in our state, country, and in much of the world at large. We are also temporarily closing to support the strategy of shutting down this virus, and getting us all back up into restored civic health.

Upon re-opening, California Luggage will re-commit  to servicing our customers’ needs; we’re not leaving. On the contrary, once this current threat is dealt with and receding, we are looking to become even more relevant through increased community events, trip advice, and especially personal service, which is the foundation of our business model.

Please let us know if you’d like to be informed when about our eventual re-opening, store- wide sale, as well as the scheduling of future events. 

And in the meantime, stay kind, calm and well.

Feel free to contact us at