Travelsox Flight Travel Socks OTC Patented Graduated Compression, TS1000

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  • 75% Coolmax/15% Lycra/10% Nylon

  • Imported

  • FITTING GUIDE- (SMALL W 5-8 M 5-7) (MEDIUM W 8.5-11 M 7.5-10) (LARGE W 11+ M 10.5-13) (XL M 13.5+) Travelsox Fibers Stretch more than regular socks, for tighter fit select next size down.

  • COOLMAX FIBER- Ideal Compression (10-18 mm Hg) Machine Wash Inside out.

  • ORIGINAL TRAVEL SOCKS- Designed in Italy using a patented design that helps stimulate blood flow, reducing swelling, and can prevent DVT.

  • COMPRESSION- Real Graduated Compression starting mid foot for arch/plantar support and prevent pooling of blood, Two hand adjust to sit right below the knee.

  • TECHNOLOGY- Helps Tired Aching Legs, Prevents Edema, Spider Vein and Varicose Vein Support, reduces swelling, blisters, and Cramps, 100% Made in Italy.

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