Cabeau Evolution Pillow

Product Description:


     There is only one way to describe the Evolution Pillow™ -- it's the travel pillow that works! It only takes one time using it to understand why people are calling this the best travel pillow in the world. 
     The Evolution Pillow™ was created to provide 360° support and comfort and is made with world class responsive memory foam -- anyone who has ever paid $2,000-$8,000 for a bed mattress knows the difference between the quality memory foam used in the Evolution Pillow™ versus the cheap polyfill material used in other pillows. 
     During the initial design process, Cabeau's research team interviewed thousands of travel pillow users and discovered that over 80% of them said the reason they owned a travel pillow was because “it was better than nothing”. The Evolution Pillow™ was developed as an answer for the majority of travelers who don’t purchase travel pillows because “they don’t work”. Today, when comparing the Top 5 most popular pillow designs on the market, every user surveyed voted the Evolution Pillow™ as the most comfortable travel neck pillow they've ever used. 
     The Evolution Pillow™ is not just for travel though -- the product that keeps you sleeping during during travel can also be used outdoors. Not only is it great for long hikes or overnight camping, but it is the perfect beach companion and “the most comfortable suntanning pillow ever!” The Evolution Pillow™ comfortably cups your head as you soak up the sun, and it forms a perfect mold for your forehead and cheeks if you are laying face-down -- just like a massage table face rest! 
     The Evolution Pillow™ offers First-Class comfort wherever you are and will be the last neck pillow you'll ever have to buy.

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