Pacsafe® was established in 1998 by 2 Aussie friends who had sailed most of the world’s oceans and clocked up visits to more than 80 countries around the world. Their own experiences and those of other travellers convinced them of the need for no-nonsense travel security and from that their eXomesh® anti-theft technology was born and formed the first-ever, award-winning Pacsafe® anti-theft backpack protector.

Today, Pacsafe® can be found in over 33 countries worldwide and the product range includes adventure backpacks, leisure bags, urban bags, women’s bags, camera bags as well as luggage and travel accessories.

One Clear Purpose

Just as it was in the beginning, at the heart of every Pacsafe® product is one clear purpose - to keep travellers one step ahead of the game by keeping their gear secure from opportunistic thieves. Pacsafe® gives travellers the peace of mind they need to get on and get out there on the road less travelled.

At Pacsafe® we want travellers to create an album packed full of rich memories and stories that they'll be telling friends in years to come. And as travellers at heart, whether they've been on Safari in South Africa, backpacking in the Golden Triangle or enjoying that cruise of a lifetime, we want to be part of that experience with them.

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